Being a cosmopolitan is awesome

I left the Old Continent 4 years ago. Since then, I visited Russia a couple of times, which is technically in Europe, but the mindset there is completely different from Western Europe, and more oriented toward North America.

Every now and then I have a glimpse onto the European contemporary culture, and every time this happens I am overwhelmed by the feeling of affinity, of belonging and longing for a future comeback. During such encounters, I am always thinking: "yes, yes! that's it! take me back!" And I probably should go back at some point, or at least renew my familiarity with the current state of affairs there. After all, I owe France and Switzerland a lot for the foundation of my upbringing, and should probably reinstate my allegiance to these countries. Nevertheless, North America should be my main residence and ground for action and reflection: contradictions and misunderstandings are a welcome challenge, and North American culture offers me a curious bridge onto Russian culture.

I am thrilled by the prospect of my future visit to Switzerland (Summer 2013). Geneva will be my base, and hopefully single-day travels across Europe will take place. I need to refresh my memory of that continent, and then go back to Canada, and also back in time, all the way back to the Middle Ages. I am already there with one foot, but my art "practice" keeps my other foot grounded in the contemporary, drags me back and leaves me perplexed about the future. This refreshing ability of contemporaneity is what I value most in art nowadays.


My goodness,haven't posted here in a while!
highlights of 2011-12 academic year:
- got serious about medieval art: that truly is what I wanna study! love that! ^^ take a look at my pinterest collection of medieval art
- completed 2 photography courses and several other visual arts courses >> here is a collection of pics made in the context of these studies; several of these were exhibited
- worked as a photographer too and got published
- also, my essay on Fra Angelico will get published in September!
- now I work in an art gallery, come visit!

I must say that my 2nd semester was rough. I was stupid to take non-medieval and non-photography courses, so I was quite bored and overwhelmed. But it also showed how much I actually enjoyed medieval art (and photography)! I then took an intensive course (4 months in 3 weeks) in illuminated manuscripts. It was a small class, and we got to handle facsimiles of the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels; overall, a unique and exceedingly enjoyable experience. I 'm so sad now that it's over!

Going to Moscow soon.

Rogers Cup '11: Women Final

По счастливой случайности я смогла пойти на Роджерс Кап по вип билетам.
Очень сложно следить за игрой, фотографируя. Поэтому иногда я переставала снимать вообще, чтоб хоть немножко насладиться игрой.
Серена радуется победе

С балансом белого что-то не то, да и в принципе фотки мутноваты, я не рад.

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Лекции на будущий год

Вот ведь, вновь не судьба мне фотографию в универе взять. Мест нет! Зато вот:

собсно арт:
VIS201H1 F - Painting: Method, Mats

VIS208H1 S - Performance Art

GER300Y1 Y - Intermediate German

SLA330Y1 Y - Old Church Slavonic

и истарт:
FAH215H1 F - Early Medieval Art

FAH381H1 S - Jewish Art

дополнительно, на случай если старославянский отменят:
FAH313H1 S - Myth in Ancient Art

FAH348H1 F - Dada & Surrealism

Горе, конечно, без фотографии-то!

Аки раб на галерах

Я тут настолько уже офигела от объема дел, что решила сделать себе псевдо-шабат, ибо сил уже нет никаких. Сутки ничего не делать по учебе, не сидеть за компом, а отдыхать и читать не по программе. Псевдо - потому что без фанатизма, лишь некоторые ограничения, дабы все-таки отдохнуть, а не мучиться хитростями запретов.

И, конечно, тут же обнаружилось, что все дела за одно воскресенье сделать нереально:
- выучить слова по латыни тк в пн контроша -- 3 часа
- подготовиться к интервью в пн и обновить резюме -- 2 часа
- допереводить по латыни -- 1 час
- дочитать по архитектуре -- 4 часа
- начать задание по архитектуре -- 2 часа
- дорисовать стену -- 4 часа
- дописать письмо для гранта -- 2 часа
- попушить кота -- 2 минуты ^^
- пожрать -- 2 часа
- поспать -- 9 часов
- помыться -- 1 час
30 часов. втф??!1